Poi originated as a traditional dance of the Maori people of New Zealand, and has been booming in popularity since the turn of the century. Utilizing two lit wicks on the ends of short chains, it is one of the most well-recognized forms of fire performance due to its wide range of movements and reliance on rhythmic inertia (it's an excellent dancing prop!). Poi is an amazing way to develop coordination, flexibility, get in shape, relax, meditate and have fun. It is a true physical, intellectual and spiritual exercise.

Poi is M.A.R.K.'s forté. Having practiced fire and glow poi for over eight years, he has dazzled audiences in events and festivals throughout the country. He is famous for his speedy dance moves and wide array of tricks. He currently spends his free time on the computer obsessively deconstructing the art of poi into a music-compatible object-oriented movement structure.

To learn more about the art of poi, check out domorepoi.com